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Labyrinth with a bird

There are a lot of obstacles in our life, in the path of human beings to their purposes. Labyrinth is a symbol of mental barriers and obstacles on this way.Cultural tradition put human fears into the centre of Labyrinth. Very often we create a maze of walls and twisting ins and outs trying no enclose our vulnerable selves.
And so we isolate our free soaring soul, separate it from reality. But the matter fact is that Blue Bird is near. We can be Blue Birds for surrounding people and for ourselves. You need not go anywhere to gain happiness. Just look deep into your heart, free yourself and represent your real nature to those close to you despite all fears.
Set free, let out joy and gratitude and be happy.

Wintering in the mountains
without wings

Certainly, there are people who magnificently change our life. It is like spring. They bring joy and hope. They are fresh wind. They are swallows. Feeding in heaven, swallows symbolize hunger for spiritual nourishment. Swallows symbolise liaizon between heaven and earth

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