Symbolism, appeal to pure color and cultural codes of different epochs form the basis of my work.

I was born in Saratov, in the atmosphere of the creative work of Borisov-Musatov, Pavel Kuznetsov. Entered the Bogolyubov Art College. Then there were selective disciplines at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after Repin and, finally, the British Higher School of Design (Moscow)
"For over 10 years, I have been engaged in graphic design for brands and the gaming industry. Design and visual art have never existed on their own in my understanding. Occupation of design nourishes the ideas of painting, painting helps to avoid frontal solutions in design. "
In the art residencies of Paris and Barcelona, I got an interesting experience in preparing expositions. But if we talk about geography, then, of course, the northern countries are closer to me. A significant part of my work is devoted to Arctic subjects.
Symbolism, appeal to pure color and cultural codes of different epochs form the basis of my work.

Interview for the "Canvas-Canvas" project
- Artist today, who is it?
- Retranslator. Today, as before, the artist is a person who perceives, with powerful
psychic receptors. It is important to observe, comprehend and embody.

As musicians hear music in their heads, artists see this music
and translate it with visual means.
If your education is not related to fine arts, how did you decide to paint?
Visual communication is the essence of what I do.
It does not matter what materials.
Do your ideas have a purpose and what?
Tell the story through the image.
Enter into contact with the viewer through his feelings and thoughts.
What is white canvas for you?
I do not see a white canvas before me, there is always a representation
of what I will write.
What is your favorite canvas-size?
Your favorite person in Art?
Arkhip Kuindzhi, Francois Millet, Edward Hopper, Tamara de Lempica,
Matthias Grunewald, Frederic Leighton, John Singer Sargent
What will you advise novice artists?
Work stubbornly, do not compare yourself with others
What is success for the artist? And what is it measured in?
Would you never ...?
I would never be bored alone
5 facts of your biography?
1. I was born in a family of teachers
2. I grew up in Saratov. It"s when you look from Sokolovaya Gora far beyond the Volga and a hot wind from the steppe blows into your face. Watching the river is an existential impression, it's space and light
3. I "loved words" for six years
4. I climbed two volcanoes
5. I study the Arctic
Daria Panfilova
Artist / Designer / Researcher
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